Below are the artists who are currently showing and selling their work at Arts Connection gallery.  Click on their name to see examples of their work, along with a brief biography of each artist.
Most of our artists are residents of Northern Arizona.  We are also featuring some Artisan Consumable vendors, all from Arizona.

 Abe Snider, Photography
 Carol Rackley, Painting & Jewelry
Chelain Stocker, Acrylic Pours
 Chuck Claude, Photographer
 Cinde Dalhover, Beaded Jewelry and Tree Spirits
Cora Salvino, Fused glass
Dolores O'Donnell, Acrylic & Mixed media
Jana Hester,
Little Cabin Soaps and
The Perfect Man Club
  Judy Sall, Textile Art & Mixed Media

 Mike Russell, iphoneography
 Nancy Deblois, Metal Art
 Phil Goldblatt, Photography
 Rhonda Davis, Ceramics
Sharyn Kastner, Watercolor
Terre Reinhardt, Repurposed Glass